Navigating medical records and making the right choice when it comes to medical issues can be difficult and time-consuming. Nothing is more important than the right IME at the right time.

We’re here to help you ask the ‘right’ questions, navigate your file, and take the guesswork out of medical evaluations. We’ll even help you decide if you need an evaluation at all.

Find out more about this and other useful tips in the step-by-step guide here.

Act with

Choosing the Right
IME Service


Get the expertise you need.

Your medical claim deserves medical oversight.

Choose a provider that gives you medical review by a medical professional. This allows for the proper evaluation for the correct presenting conditions.

Cira’s investment and focus on this type of care is bolstered by experienced medical navigation throughout the process. This means the right diagnoses and the right treatment plans for your claimants every time.


Look for best practice in file surety.

Look for a provider that doesn't just observe the best practices in the industry, but creates them.

Today’s technology allows for consistency in workflow and service delivery. This means your referral should be kept on track, and all pertinent details captured, controlled and complete within an electronic file.

Through our proprietary technology platform, iAssess, Cira provides surety in the contents of your file. You have peace of mind keeping information safe and costs contained, while mitigating potential risks for all stakeholders.

Scheduling an Assessment

Seek an ease of process for you and your claimant.

IME work should begin with thorough preparation to give you complete peace of mind.

From scheduling, to claimant reminders, to documentation review, seek an IME provider that ensures a better, more efficient experience for claimants and adjusters alike.

Cira’s online scheduling tool means information at your fingertips at any time. Reminder calls to your claimant 12, 7, 5, and 3 days prior to an assessment reduces no-shows and cancellations, and helps prepare for any additional services like translation and transportation. Our documentation review 10 days prior to assessment means you will get it done right the first time.

Transparent Process

Know the status of your IME at all times.

Seek a transparent process from start to finish.

Every aspect of IME services from referral to scheduling, from business culture to participation in the industry at large should be clear, concise, and available to you.

At Cira we prioritize patient care and client service, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Claimant Care

Choose the next best thing you to being here.

Give your claim the care and attention it deserves.

Everything from your brand identity to the experience of your claimants represents your organization. This means an ideal provider would ensure claimant-centric people, processes, and technology; customer service training in claimant comfort and care; proactive reach out to claimants to reduce no shows and cancelations; and all documentation secured through state of the art technology.

As an extension of your brand identity, Cira takes claimant care as seriously as you do and infuses your service philosophies in all that we do.

Reporting Medical Opinion

Go beyond quality to demand excellence.

Your IME provider should be guided by an emphasis on service excellence in all operations

What does quality mean to you? It can be subjective to some providers. Find an organization whose work doesn’t stop when the assessment appointment concludes; one that ensures the proper resolution of your claim is paramount. This means formal final sign off on an assessment from a medical evaluator is guaranteed.

Cira delivers a two-phase quality assurance process that ensures comprehensive medical oversight in report release and ensures your claim is resolved efficiently, cost-effectively, and fairly for all stakeholders.