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Cira Sets the Bar in IME Facility Cleanliness with Abatement Verification and ATP Testing

11 May 2020

With the safety and health of assessors, claimants, and staff at the forefront of the mind, Cira Health Solutions (Cira) brought in a team of industrial hygienists to validate their facility’s level of clean. The team of hygienists was hired recently to conduct abatement verification assessments (qualitative testing of surfaces) through Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence testing and other analysis.  

ATP and other abatement verification assessments can detect the presence of contaminants on a given surface, such as residual organic material or even the presence of COVID-19. The team of environmental hygienists hired by Cira identified potential “hot spots,” doing pre-cleaning swabs to indicate levels of any various contaminants. Comparing the pre- and post-clean swabs provided clear results as to the efficacy of the service. Beyond testing, the team of Industrial Hygienists worked in concert with Cira’s cleaning crew to review existing cleaning controls, protocols, practices, and methodologies. This was particularly relevant in an environment of medical equipment with unique and sensitive requirements.

This is part of a new norm for Cira’s Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) business. The abatement verification assessments are in addition to professional commercial cleaning services combined with strict guidelines that must be followed by the staff in between appointments and at the end of the day.

“All of us at Cira continue to follow the latest guidelines as they pertain to the prevention and status of COVID-19 infection,” began Jennifer Foster, Chief Operating Officer at Cira Health Solutions. “We are now booking assessments that had been postponed in the initial stages of the pandemic. We want our clients to know that we are verifying the results of our facility cleanliness in today’s environment. It’s an important and necessary component of conducting IME business going forward.”

In addition to its abatement verification efforts, Cira has taken further steps to mitigate the potential spread of infection. They have implemented safety barriers throughout their assessment centres and provided necessary PPE to all staff and assessors, and they issue the same to incoming visitors.

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Len Copp
Cira Health Solutions
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Jennifer Foster
Chief Operating Officer
Cira Health Solutions
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