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SCM Health Solutions to Present Ontario Hospital Association Resilience Workshops Across Province

05 May 2016

Karen Seward, President of SCM Health Solutions, is presenting interactive workshops across Ontario for the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) this summer.

Sponsored by Desjardins, “Facilitating Resilience in the Workplace” will underscore the critical role of employers and discuss the difference employers can make by focusing their attention and resources on the mental resilience of their workforce.

Ms. Seward is a genuine pioneer in the field of workplace mental health and a long-time contributor and supporter of ongoing research, education and awareness.

In this interactive session, OHA members will learn to observe their working environment, influence others, and contribute to a positive culture. Ms. Seward will explain how this investment, properly channeled, yields a more productive, flexible and innovative workplace while at the same time reducing costs and improving the sustainability of our health care system. Members also have the opportunity to learn how to assess their own resilience by looking at the components that support or take away from resilience.

The workshops will take place throughout June and July in Kingston, Toronto, Chatham, Hamilton, Timmins, Thunder Bay and Sudbury.