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Chronic Pain costing Canadian economy up to $60 billion annually in lost productivity

08 May 2014

TORONTO, May 8, 2014— Cira Medical Services, a market leader committed to helping Canadians live healthier lives, released yesterday its newest white paper titled “Chronic Pain: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment”. The paper was released at Cira’s second annual Industry Leadership Breakfast Seminar in Toronto.

The paper highlights the realities of chronic pain in our society and outlines to employers and insurers some current startling facts: one in five adult Canadians suffer from chronic pain – and more than 70% of these cases report suffering simultaneously from severe levels of depression. Stemming from these cases, the estimated cost of chronic pain in Canada in terms of health care and lost productivity is reported at between $50-60 billion annually.

“Arriving at a clear plan of action, one aimed at optimal return to functionality, is a challenge from a clinical, quality of life, and workplace perspective. Wherever possible, it is vital that treatments engage those suffering from persisting pain as proactive participants in their own recovery. The odds of preserving or regaining functionality in this context are dramatically increased”, said Karen Seward, President, Cira Medical Services.

“Ultimately, employees and insured individuals will experience improved quality of life as they gradually resume more of their prior activities and return to their work teams in a sustainable and supported fashion, with the knowledge that their employer/insurer is committed to their long-term success”, added Seward.

The paper finds that a multidisciplinary approach that emphasizes early intervention, clinical coordination, and proactive case management and planning is the best way to deal with this increasingly complex issue.

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Chronic Pain White Paper