For Accident Benefit Insurers

Medically focused. Client centric. Technology driven.

Your leading provider of independent medical evaluations (IMEs) and health related services for accident benefit insurers.

It’s about providing the highest quality service in a timely manner. Cira understands that. We are the key component in an analyst’s decision making to determine accident benefits.

From medical file reviews to complex in-person catastrophic assessments, we provide access to experts in 48 medical disciplines spanning physical medicine, mental health, allied health and a variety of medical subspecialties. These highly skilled professionals help you clearly identify a claimant’s medical diagnosis and prognosis.

Clinical triage ensures correct individual assessments while advanced technology systems help reduce your file cycle times. Our years of experience with accident insurance legislation across the country (including those that govern Part 7 benefits, Section B benefits and the MIG, SABS, and SAAQ) assists with the quality and speed of your report.

Cira can also assist with transportation and accommodation, chaperones, and interpreters to enhance the client experience and support fair, prompt and effective resolutions.

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