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Charting the Course: How Vocational, TSA and LMS Assessments Optimize Efficiency in Return-to-Work Pathways

Where individuals cannot return to their existing occupation, vocational assessments are often used to identify viable employment options and to facilitate an individual’s successful movement along an optimal rehabilitation or training pathway in order to promote a successful transition back into the workforce.

The ‘Psych’ Assessment: Psychology, Psychiatry or Neuropsychology? Understanding the Mental Health Assessment Options

The burden of mental health conditions has a significant impact on overall health care and disability costs across Canada. In any given week, 500,000 Canadians are unable to work because of mental illness and 355,000 are on disability. One in five Ontarians experiences mental illness, including addiction, creating an estimated $40 billion of economic burden. More concerning is that only one in three people seeking help for mental illness actually receive it.