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Health Reach and Health Assess Suite

Health Reach

A confidential, voluntary service for your employees who are either at work, or away from the workplace with a known health condition. Your employee receives a medical file review and an impartial ‘second opinion’ on whether, for example, they are on the best path to treatment recommendations. Your employee also receives help navigating the Canadian healthcare system and facilitated peer-to-peer consultations between Cira assessors and the employee’s treating physician.

All communication is provided through telephone consultation with a Cira Registered Nurse who is specially trained to support occupational health goals. In this way, the employee is provided added clinical support for a known medical condition resulting in their being empowered to feel in control of their health, including care/case info, recovery progress, and next steps.

Health Assess

Health Assess is a proactive approach to address intermittent absence and performance issues. Alternatively, it can be requested after an employee goes on disability leave to offer support for the employee.

Health Assess is a medical assessment enhanced by consultation with the employee. The employee receives timely medical diagnosis and is empowered with the knowledge needed to move towards treatment and recovery. A supportive experience allows employees to navigate the medical process with ease. Likewise, employers benefit from the knowledge that their employees are receiving medical support regarding restrictions and limitations at work during the active medical problem.”

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